It’s Fall Y’all!

It’s time for planting, transplanting, and dividing your perennials & woody shrubs. Summer in Arkansas can be harsh with high temperatures & drought periods. By planting in the fall your plants still have many 60 degree days where root development can happen.

Let’s talk about dividing some of your large perennials to make new plantings. If you have a showy, focal point that you want to divide consider the wedge method. Instead of digging the root ball up and cutting it apart, consider using a sharpshooter shovel to cut out a wedge (maybe 1/4 of the crown?). The mother plant is disturbed much less and still puts on a show for you. The following year you can cut out a different wedge and work yourself around the plant without making too much difference.

Now is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. There are Arkansas native bulbs like Camassia scilloides (Wild Hyacinth) and Camassia angusta (Prairie Wild Hyacinth). But non-native bulbs are also much loved as harbingers of Spring and should be planted in fall. Who doesn’t love seeing the first crocus or narcissus blooms peeking out? Many times we’re asked how to incorporate these bulbs in native landscapes. We recommend taking a handful of bulbs and pitching them. Plant them where they fall and you’ll have a lovely drift of blooms.

Native seed heads provide nutrition for birds & critters. Instead of dead-heading & and cutting stalks think about leaving them. Audubon Society of Central Arkansas has a great page that talks about this topic. See the link below

If you’re looking for new native plants that put on a show for fall, here are some of our favorites:

Amsonia hubrictii (bright golden-orange foliage), Aronia melanocarpa (bright red foliage & blackberries for birds), Callicarpa americana (purple berries are most common but there are some white and pink berried ones). There are so many choices it’s hard to stop!

If you need some help knowing how best to create a sanctuary in your yard, contact us. Get your hands dirty and enjoy the Fall!

Plant of the MonthAronia melanocarpa ‘Low Scape Mound’. Fall color, berries & bloom.

Photos courtesy of Proven Winners –

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who purchased plants during the Audubon Arkansas Fall Online Native Plant Sale. There were great offerings from all the vendors & we appreciate the hard work by all those folks at Audubon Arkansas who made it happen.

Audubon Arkansas Fall Native Plant Sale!

The weather is becoming pleasant and we all want to get into our outdoor spaces. Audubon is just in time with its fall native plant sale. As with the spring sale, there will be an online store that will be open from September 17th through October 1st. You will be able to make a purchase using your credit or debit card. Audubon will schedule your pickup with you. Please watch the Audubon Arkansas website for updates!

Thank you Audubon Arkansas!

Many thanks to Audubon Arkansas who found a way to have the Spring Native Plant Sale – an online version. These folks set up an online sale site for multiple Arkansas vendors. Their staff facilitated by using their staff for curbside pick-up of the orders. If you haven’t already, please explore the programs & donate to this important non-profit for their work in our community!

Audubon Native Plant Sale The Sale is on!

Many of us are finding some calm in working in our green spaces. This is a great time to add native plants to your landscape to support pollinators and wildlife. Audubon Arkansas has worked out a way to have a safe Native plant sale! We are excited to be able to offer some of our favorite native plants to you. Some quantities are limited, so I encourage you to order early. There are also several other great vendors offering more plants. When you go to the site (link below) you’ll find an easy way to order online the plants you want & schedule a curbside pick-up time.

Covid-19 has hit all of us, but it is especially hard on nonprofits. Arkansas is fortunate to have access to the great programs offered by Audubon Arkansas & their wonderful staff. You will see some buttons at the sale site to make a donation to Audubon Arkansas. I encourage you to donate to help them continue to provide the programs and services that are important to our community!

The direct link sale website is


Spring is the time for the Monarch migration we are fortunate to live in one of the paths of their migration. So go outside, look for them, notice what plants in your yard attract them. Make a conscious decision to make pollinator-friendly plants part of your landscape. The leaves may get consumed by caterpillars, so they may be a little ragged. Still, we need to celebrate these nectar/larval food sources. Our winged friends will thank you! There’s a great site below giving info about the Monarch migration in Arkansas.

2020 Arkansas Flower & Garden Show; February 28-March 1!

A new year has rolled around and we’re are looking forward to the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show at the end of February. It’s always fun to see returning customers and finding new ones. I love it when we hear what families are doing to keep their kids engaged in plants & gardening. We hope to see you this year, too. For more information, go to:

Please join Rand in the Arts & Crafts building ‘How to’ stage on Saturday, 2/29 @ 11:30. The topic is ‘Gardening for the Future (Native Plants)’. There are a bunch of great speakers lined up! Go to the link below to see the speakers for all 3 days.