National Bat Week

We usually don’t think about bats as pollinators but they are! Most of us know they eat insects (that alone gets my vote because they eat mosquitos!) Consider supporting bats in your neighborhood by mounting a bat house. There is great information at the link below:

If you live in northeast Arkansas there is a ‘Nighttime Pollinator’ event. Find out more information and register at the link below:

Audubon Arkansas 2022 Fall Native Plant Sale is Near!!

It’s almost here! Beginning on 9/15/22, at 8:00 am you can order your native plants from multiple vendors. It’s an online order/pick-up sale and you need to make your order early. (Last year we sold out of 8 or so offerings by noon on the first day.) Support your local birds and pollinators! Click on the link to Audubon below for additional details and a map.